Community Nursing and Primary Healthcare in Twentieth-Century Britain

About The Book Community Nursing and Primary Healthcare in Twentieth-Century Britain

This book takes a fresh look at community nursing history in Great Britain, examining the essentially generalist and low profile, domiciliary end of the professional nursing spectrum throughout the twentieth century. It charts the most significant changes affecting the nurse’s work on the district including compulsory registration for general nursing, changes in organization, training, conditions of service, and workload.

A strong oral history component provides a unique insight into the professional images of district nursing and the complexities of inter- and intra-professional relationships as well as into the changing day-to-day working experiences of the district nurse at ‘grass-roots’ level. Use of oral history and records of individual nurses attempts to rectify the tendency of nursing history to view nurses as if they were a homogenous group of professionals, thereby recognizing the different experiences of nurses in different regions and environments.

The book also considers the degree of influence of medically related technologies and of developments in drugs, materials, communications, and transport on the professional development of district nursing. The work addresses issues of gender relationships central to a nursing profession largely composed of women (throughout much of the period) working alongside a largely male-dominated medical profession.

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Table of Contents Community Nursing and Primary Healthcare in Twentieth-Century Britain

List of Figures     ix
Preface     xi
Acknowledgments     xiii
Glossary and Conventions     xv
Introduction     1
The History of District Nursing     15
Historical Trajectories: Background, c. 1850-1919     17
What Became of the Lady? The Interwar period, 1919-1939     35
War to Welfare State, 1939-1948     63
Changing Places, 1948-1979     81
Themes and Issues: The District Nurse and the Changing World of Primary Health Care     105
Town Nurse, Country Nurse: District Nursing Landscape     107
Technology, Treatment, and TLC     135
Generalists and Generals: District Nursing Professionalisation     151
Language of Caring: Care and Nurses’ Lives     165
Portraits of a District Nurse     187
Discussion and Conclusion     201
Endnotes     215
Sources and Bibliography     245
Index     261

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