Get all the skills needed in diversity and inclusion from one of the best online course in earth and environmental science.

This diversity and inclusion online training is one of the best diversity and inclusion awareness courses in reputable universities that explains all the principles and theories of diversity and inclusion awareness in details. In the diversity and inclusion online training program, you will learn how to apply diversity and inclusion knowledge in your field of study. The diversity and inclusion training program online is a perfect online course that students can combine with any college level courses in diversity and inclusion.

Develop your attitudes, skills and knowledge of cultural diversity so you’re able to create inclusive environments.

Learn how to create a more inclusive world
Many things contribute to an individual’s identity, including race, ethnicity, gender, age, appearance, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, education, and political beliefs. These things, and more, are what make each of us different. So how can we learn to embrace these differences, and celebrate them? Or to put it in a different way – how can we explore and welcome diversity?

This diversity and inclusion training program online will help you develop your knowledge and understanding of diversity, equipping you to create more inclusive and open environments that are welcome to all.

What topics will you cover?

– Phases of diversity dexterity.
– Attitudes, skills, and knowledge supporting diversity.
– Unconscious biases.
– Ethnocentric and ethno-relative mindsets.
– Elements of diversity and inclusion.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the diversity and inclusion online training, you’ll be able to…

– Describe stages of diversity dexterity.
– Explore attitudes, skills, and knowledge supporting diversity.
– Evaluate unconscious biases.
– Investigate ethnocentric and ethno-relative mindsets.
– Engage elements of inclusion.

Who is the diversity and inclusion awareness course for?

This free diversity and inclusion training is for anyone looking to improve their attitude, skills, and knowledge for effective work with different people. You might be a student preparing for the world of work, or a HR worker or corporate trainer, or you could be a professional working in marketing. You don’t need any prior experience.

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  1. Dear concerned,

    This is Rashmi Sehgal here. I have 16+ years of experience in HR and am currently associated with a firm as Head – HR. I am looking forward to join the Diversity and Inclusion course. Please let me know which membership do I need to opt for and what will be the entire process of:
    – enrollment
    – study
    – assessments
    – certification


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