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About The Book Exploring Microsoft Office 2007 Pdf Free Download

The goal of the Exploring series has been to move students beyond the point and click and help the student understand why and when they would do a skill. The system structure considers the following three points. Students go to college now with a different set of skills than they did 5 years ago. With this in mind, the new edition of Exploring moves students beyond the basics of the software at a faster pace, without sacrificing coverage of the fundamental skills that everybody needs to know. This ensures that students will be engaged from Chapter 1 throughout the book. Students have diverse career goals. The examples in the text (and the accompanying Instructor Resources) include the health sciences, hospitality, urban planning, business and more so Exploring will be relevant to every student in the course. Students read, prepare and study differently than they used to. Rather than reading a book cover to cover students want to easily identify what they need to know, and then learn it efficiently. The key features bring students into the content and make the text easy to use.Students will be more engaged, achieve a higher level understanding in Office, and will successfully complete this course. 

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Robert T. Grauer. Associate Professor, Business Technology 

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