About The Introduction to Social Psychology Course

This introduction to social psychology course offers a broad introduction to social psychology, the scientific study of human social influence and interaction. We will explore the various ways people think about, affect, and relate to one another. The introduction to social psychology course will cover topics such as the social self-concept, social judgment, attitudes, persuasion, conformity, aggression, helping behavior, prejudice, and interpersonal relationships. The goals of this introduction to social psychology course are to (a) improve your understanding of social psychological explanations for social influence and interaction and to (b) improve your understanding of the research methodologies commonly used to understand social influence and interaction.

  • Introduction to Social Psychology
  • Foundations and Controversies
  • Social influence Classics and Current Trends
  • Processes of Attitude Change
  • The Pursuit of Self Esteem
  • Confirmation Biases in Attribution
  • Stereotypes and their Consequences
  • Origins, Measurement, and Consequences of Racism
  • Evolution, Attraction, and Mate Selection
  • Group Influences on Performance
  • The Cultural Equation
  • Presentations of Current Research
  • Presentations of Current Research

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