Get all the skills needed in metabolomics from one of the best online course in biological science.

This metabolomics online course is one of the best metabolomics courses in reputable universities that explains all the principles and theories of metabolomics in details. In the course on metabolomics online, you will learn the basics of biological science and how to apply metabolomics knowledge in your field of study. The metabolomics online course is a perfect online course that students can combine with any college level courses in metabolomics.

Discover how metabolomics is revolutionising our understanding of metabolism with this free online course.

Why join the course?
Metabolomics is an emerging field that aims to measure the complement of metabolites (the metabolome) in living organisms. The metabolome represents the downstream effect of an organism’s genome and its interaction with the environment. Metabolomics has a wide application area across the medical and biological sciences. The course provides an introduction to metabolomics, describes the tools and techniques we use to study the metabolome and explains why we want to study the metabolome. By the end of themetabolomics online training, you will understand how metabolomics can revolutionise our understanding of metabolism.

What topics will you cover?

– Metabolism and the interaction of the metabolome with the genome, proteome and the environment
– The advantages of studying the metabolome
– The application of hypothesis generating studies versus the use of traditional hypothesis directed research
– The use of targeted and non-targeted studies in metabolomics
– An interdisciplinary approach with case-studies from clinical and environmental scientific areas
– Important considerations in studying the metabolome
– Experimental design and sample preparation
– The application of mass spectrometry in metabolomics
– An introduction to data processing and analysis
– Metabolite identification

What will you achieve?

By the end of the metabolomics course, you’ll be able to…

– Demonstrate an understanding of the biological relevance of metabolites (the small molecular weight intermediates and products of metabolism) and the metabolome
– Assess the challenges involved in studying the metabolome
– Develop an awareness of the analytical techniques and data analysis tools that are applied to study the metabolome
– Evaluate how the interaction of scientists from different disciplines has driven the development of this field

Who is the course for?

The course is primarily aimed at final year undergraduate science students and research scientists who are interested in learning about the application of metabolomics to understand metabolism. However, metabolomics is a new tool to the scientific community and this course will provide a valuable introduction to scientists at any stage in their careers. It is not essential to have any previous knowledge of the subject area but a reasonable knowledge and understanding of science would be beneficial.

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