Explore the factors that influence property values and house prices with this property values course.

Gain new insights into the property market
Our homes provide shelter, sanctuary and comfort, but they’re also a source of wealth. This property values course online asks: what makes some properties more valuable than others?

The property values course unlocks the mystery of property values; looks at the influences that inflation and interest rates can have on house prices; and explores the differences between price, market and investment values.

What topics will you cover?

Our homes provide shelter, sanctuary and comfort, but they’re also a source of wealth. In this property values course, we:

– Explore some of the mysteries of property values.
– Reflect on whether house prices always rise.
– Explore property related career options.
– Consider the influence of interest rates and inflation on house prices.
– Explore the influence of proximity to various amenities and demographics on property demand.
– Access and interpret property price data.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the property value course, you’ll be able to…

– Become familiar with the language of property.
– Explore a variety of career and investment opportunities in property.
– Explore diverse characteristics of land that influence its value.
– Access and interpret some data on property prices.

Who is the property value course for?

This property values course online will benefit anyone who wants to know more about property, wants to be an investor in real estate, or would like to work in the real estate industry. Together we will discover and develop your knowledge of property and move closer to understanding the mystery behind property value.

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