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About The Book The Basics of Social Research Pdf Free Download

This is a concise, affordable, applied paperback research methods text by Earl Babbie, who defined how to teach the research methods course with his standard-setting text, THE PRACTICE OF SOCIAL RESEARCH. The streamlined Third Edition of THE BASICS OF SOCIAL RESEARCH focuses particularly on the application of social research, emphasizing the fundamental concepts of both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Inductive chapter openings pose social research problems that are addressed and resolved in each chapter through the application of key chapter concepts. Each chapter contains detailed examples and sections on how to interpret the results of data analysis. The text provides students with the necessary tools for understanding the basics of social research methods and for applying these concepts both inside and outside the classroom. 

About The Author For The Basics of Social Research Pdf Free Download

Earl Robert Babbie, is an American sociologist who holds the position of Campbell Professor Emeritus in Behavioral Sciences at Chapman University. He is best known for his book The Practice of Social Research, currently in its 14th English edition, with numerous non-English editions.

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