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This course is part of Global Freshman Academy (GFA), which means you can earn transferable ASU credit toward your college degree.

This course will provide a general outline of European history from Ancient times through 1500 AD, covering a variety of European historical periods and cultures, including Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Celtic, Frankish and others.

This course satisfies the Social-Behavioral Sciences (SB) and Historical Awareness (H) general studies requirements at Arizona State University. This course may satisfy a general education requirement at other institutions; however, it is strongly encouraged that you consult with your institution of choice to determine how these credits will be applied to their degree requirements prior to transferring the credit.

What you’ll learn

Think critically about the development of people politically, socially, and economically
Evaluate evolution of political systems and their contribution to western society
Understand the changing social role of religion in European society
Explore the changing relations between Ancient and Medieval Europe and the world beyond

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Course Syllabus

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