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About The Book 23 Minutes In Hell Pdf Free Download

23 minutes in hell pdf free download is a personal book written by ProtestantChristian Bill Wiese and published in 2006. The book recounts what the author claims were his experiences in Hell in 1998. The book and the underlying story within it are the topic of a series of speaking tours given by Wiese, predominantly to Protestant churches and other Christian organizations. He says his visits to Hell were out-of-body experiences that were also visions, one lasting 23 minutes and the other 10 seconds.

Wiese states that he had been a Christian since 1970, but had never studied Hell before his experiences on the night of November 22, 1998. According to the book, Wiese, then a real estate broker, found himself in a cell approximately 15 feet (4.6 m) high and 10 feet (3.0 m) by 15 feet (4.6 m) in area, where there were two foul-smelling beasts, personifications of evil and terror, who spoke in a blasphemous language. Wiese says that the creatures had strength approximately one thousand times greater than a man’s strength. Wiese states that he heard the screams of the billions of damned people in hell. He states that he then encountered Jesus, who told him to tell other people that hell is real. Wiese states that his first experience ended with him lying on the floor of his living room, screaming in horror.

23 minutes in hell pdf spent at least three weeks on the extended New York Times Best Seller list for paperback nonfiction. Lawrence Yang, a columnist for the Filipino-American newspaper Asian Journal, devoted two columns to Wiese’s book, treating it as an accurate description of hell. Freelance writer Billy Bruce wrote in the Ironton Tribune, “I totally believe Bill Wiese’s vision and hope that many others will read his book, along with the Bible … Read Bill Wiese’s book, 23 Minutes in Hell. Then, live your life like you don’t want to spend one second in that place.

My sincere hope is that this book is the closest you will ever come to experiencing hell for yourself”–Bill Wiese saw the searing flames of hell, felt total isolation, and experienced the putrid and rotting stench, deafening screams of agony, terrorizing demons, and finally, the strong hand of God lifting him out of the pit–“Tell them I am coming very, very soon!” Wiese’s visit to the devil’s lair lasted just twenty-three minutes, but he returned with vivid details etched in his memory. Since this life-changing ordeal, he has spent the last seven years studying the Scriptures to find answers and has listed more than 150 Bible verses referencing hell.

Everyone is curious about the afterlife, and now Wiese shares his insights to commonly asked questions such as:
Is hell a literal burning place?
Where is hell?
Do you have a body in hell?
Are there Degrees of punishment in hell?
Are there children in hell?
Can Demons torment people in hell?
Can “good” people go to hell?
“Even if you don’t believe my story, I hope you will believe the Scriptures and avoid hell just the same.”

The claims in Wiese’s book 23 minutes in hell pdf free download have received sardonic reactions from some writers, both in the Christian and secular press. Rob Moll of Christianity Today, noting Wiese’s statement that hell “was hot – far beyond any possibility of sustaining life”, commented, “Thankfully, it being hell, everyone but Wiese had already died.” John Sutherland, writing about Wiese’s book in the New Statesman, remarked that Wiese “rather lamely” describes the sound of billions of people screaming as “annoying”.

About The Author Of The Book 23 Minutes In Hell Pdf

Bill Wiese the author of the book 23 minutes in hell pdf free download has been a dedicated Christian and has served in various capacities, including teaching and leading worship since 1970. Bill Wiese of the 23 minutes in hell pdf is an accomplished speaker, appearing on four hundred radio interviews in the Christian and mainstream markets. He is a successful Realtor with over forty years’ experience. author of the 23 minutes in hell pdf free download Bill Wiese lives with his wife, Annette, in Southern California.

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