About the advanced social psychology the state of the science book

Social psychology is a flourishing discipline. It explores the most essential questions of the human psyche (e.g., Why do people help or harm others? How do influence professionals get us to do what they want, and how can we inoculate ourselves against their sometimes-insidious persuasion tactics? Why do social relationships exert such powerful effects on people’s physical health?), and it does so with clever, ingenuitive research methods.

This edited volume of advanced social psychology the state of the science is a textbook for advanced social psychology courses. Its primary target audience is first-year graduate students (MA or PhD) in social psychlogy, although it is also appropriate for upper-level undergraduate courses in social psychology and for doctoral students in disciplines connecting to social psychology (e.g., marketing, organizational behavior). The authors of the advanced social psychology the state of the science chapters are world-renowned leaders on their topic, and they have written these chapters to be engaging and accessible to students who are just learning the discipline.

After reading this advanced social psychology book, you will be able to understand almost any journal article or conference presentation in any field of social psychology. You will be able to converse competently with most social psychologists in their primary research domain, a use skill that is relevant not only in daily life but also when interviewing for a faculty position. And, most importantly, you will be equipped with the background knowledge to forge ahead more confidently with your own research.


Table of Contents for advanced social psychology the state of the science 

Contributors vii

Part 1 Background

1 Social psychologists and Thinking about People 5

2 How We Got Here from There: A Brief History of Social Psychology 25

Part 2 Basic Processes

3 Social Cognition 63

4 Social Psychology of Emotion 101

5 The Self 139

6 Attitude Structure 177

7 Attitude Change 217

Part 3 Social Relations and Behaviors

8 Prosocial Behavior 263

9 Aggression 303

10 Prejudice, Stereotyping, and Discrimination 341

11 Social Influence 385

12 Attraction and Rejection 419

13 Intimate Relationships 461

14 Group Processes 495

15 Intergroup Relations 535

Part 4 Connections to Related Fields

16 Social Neuroscience 575

17 Evolutionary Social Psychology 613

18 Cultural Psychology 655

19 Health Psychology 697

20 Judgment and Decision Making 733

21 Personality 757

Index 795

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