“Becoming a learner matthew sanders pdf” is a must for anyone who is concerned with how the current educational system (public, private, charter, etc) is consumed with treating students as repositories for facts. Becoming a learner matthew sanders free pdf is an easy-to-read and short book packed with the importance of recognizing students as human beings and not robots.

About the book becoming a learner realizing the opportunity of education by matthew sanders pdf

It points out that students of all ages can create successful futures through nurturing who we are and not just what we are able to produce.

Matt Sanders wrote Becoming a Learner to challenge students to rethink the conventional idea that one should attend college and obtain a degree to get a better job. Their parents have likely reinforced this philosophy throughout their childhood. This text invites students to consider that the primary purpose of college is to learn how to “Become a Learner” rather than obtain a specific set of professional skills to get a specific job. When students approach education to help them develop as critical thinkers and problem solvers, they will ultimately grow as a person and have a much richer life experience in college. Interestingly, they also become a more desirable job candidate for employers
because they embrace learning as an ongoing part of life which is necessary in every profession.

Too often students begin college without a clear understanding of the purpose of higher education. As a result, many students will miss important learning opportunities. Becoming a Learner challenges students to carefully reconsider conventional common sense about college and learning, and invites them to consider a new conversation about college and learning that focuses on who they are becoming and their ability to learn.

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