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The machine called as Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) is used for the purpose of casting and counting votes by the voter of India. Though today’s voting system machine is fast and accurate than the previous methods, it still needs much manpower, accuracy and efficiency. Besides, there is the possibility of malfunctioning in the machine which is currently using in India. To overcome these issues, this paper proposed a smart and secure voting system. One of the main ideas of this proposed system is biometrics. Biometrics traits are unique to each individual, which can be more secure than any passwords or pins. Biometric identifiers currently available or under development include fingerprint, face recognition, palm print, retinal scan, iris pattern and voice pattern. So this technology can be used for secured voting system. In EVM there is no module which can confirm the vote cast by the voter is registered. The biometric identification will provide better trustworthy results in the election process.

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Abhilash Akula, Portland, Oregon, Engineering Manager at Intel Corporation, 500+ connections, See Abhilash’s complete profile on Linkedin and connect.  biometric voting system seminar ppt free download
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