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Broken Silence is the sequel to Silence by Natasha Preston. It is an exceptional book that deals with a very sensitive subject- child abuse. She deals with it in a way that makes you view it from the eyes of the abused and the families. The acts themselves are referred to but not dwelt upon. The emotions are what are important.
Oakley and her brother and mother had left the UK for Australia after the arrest of Oakley’s father for child abuse. Oakley had been abused when she was five until she was thirteen. From the age of five until the age of sixteen, she had not spoken after her father told her it would kill her mother. Five-year-old Oakley took those words literally. At the age of sixteen, she had been exposed to her abuser again but fled, called her boyfriend, and went to the police. Now her father’s trial was coming up and although she had been offered video tape testimony, Oakley felt she needed to testify in person so they were returning to the UK. Now, Oakley would have to face her father but also face the man she loved who she had left behind.
Cole had no idea Oakley was returning. The Internet at his parent’s house was out so his mother didn’t get the email alerting them to their return. He had been totally miserable since Oakley had left. He thought they were totally in love, at least he was. He had been protecting Oakley since she was five from those who would tease her. They had grown up living next door since they were born. Somewhere along the line, he had fallen totally in love with Oakley but she had left him behind. What was he going to do now?
How would Oakley deal with the trial and seeing her father for the first time in four years? Would Cole put aside his hurt and stick beside her again? Would he still be in love with Oakley? What would happen when she decided to return to Australia?

Broken Silence Natasha Preston Free Epub Download

It has been four years since Oakley, her mum, and brother fled to Australia. With the trials looming, she makes the decision to return to England. Oakley is desperate for closure so she can put the past behind her and move on with her life.

How will she cope when she comes face to face with the two people that hurt her the most, and the one person that she hurt the most?

Her love for Cole never faded, but how will he react to her return after so long? Will they be able to put everything behind them in order to have a happy ending?

About the Author

Natasha Preston is the New York Times bestselling author of The Cellar. A UK native, she discovered her love of writing when she shared a story online—and hasn’t looked back. She enjoys writing romance, thrillers, gritty YA, and the occasional serial killer.

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