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About Buffettology Workbook PDF

For five decades, Warren Buffett has been making himself one of the wealthiest men in the world, amassing more than 30 billion dollars by investing in the stock market. Remarkably, he did it by spurning popular Wall Street trends, adhering instead to his own unique discipline, one the world has come to know as Buffettology. In The Buffettology Workbook, internationally acclaimed writer and lecturer Mary Buffett has again joined forces with David Clark, the world’s leading authority on Warren Buffett’s investment methods, to create an in-depth, step-by-step guide to the concepts and equations Warren Buffett uses to create fantastic wealth.

Here you will learn:The difference between a great company and a great undervalued company How the short-sightedness of Wall Street pundits can work to your advantage Where to look for investments with long-term, consistent, and extraordinary growth potential To perform the same financial calculations Buffett uses, and apply them to stocks you’d like to buy 

Table of contents

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Title Page

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Part I: Understanding Value Investing

1: Short-Sightedness and the Bad News Phenomenon: The Gifts that Keep On Giving

2: Identifying the Economic Engine Warren Wants to Own

3: Identifying the Sick/Commodity Type Business

4: The Healthy Business: The Consumer Monopoly (Where Warren Finds All the Money)

5: Determining if the Business Has a Consumer Monopoly

6: Where to Look for a Consumer Monopoly

7: The Bad News that Creates a Buying Situation

Part II: Warren Buffett’s Intrinsic Value Equations

8: Finding the Company and the Numbers

9: Financial Calculation #1: Predictability of Earnings at a Glance

10: Financial Calculation #2: A Test to Determine Your Initial Rate of Return

11: Financial Calculation #3: Test for Determining the Per Share Growth Rate

12: Financial Calculation #4: Relative Value to Treasury Bonds

13: Financial Calculation #5: Understanding Warren’s Preference for Companies That Earn High Rates of Return on Shareholders’ Equity

14: Financial Calculation #6: Determining the Projected Annual Compounding Rate of Return: Part I

15: Determining the Projected Annual Compounding Rate of Return: Part II

16: Financial Calculation #7: The Equity/Bond with an Expanding Coupon

17: Financial Calculation #8: Using the Per Share Earnings Annual Growth Rate to Project an Investment’s Compounding Annual Rate of Return

18: Financial Calculation #9: Why Warren Loves Stock Repurchase Programs, or, How Can a Company Increase Its Shareholders’ Fortunes By Buying Back the Company’s Stock

19: Financial Calculation #10: How to Determine if Per Share Earnings Are Increasing Because of Share Repurchases

20: Financial Calculation #11: How to Measure Management’s Ability to Utilize Retained Earnings

21: Financial Calculation #12: The Internet and Warren’s Short-Term Arbitrage Commitments

22: Doing It Yourself: Buffettology Worksheet

23: Bringing It All Together: The Case Studies

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