Business Logistics Management 5th Edition PDF

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About Business Logistics Management 5th Edition Book in PDF

new content that deals with strategic logistics management A new chapter on customer service South African legislation and local industry examples throughout the text Questions at the end of each chapter for students to self-assess the theory covered A new chapter on international logistics and trade.

Table of Contents of Business Logistics Management 5th Edition PDF

  1. Introduction to business logistics
  2. Value created by business logistics
  3. Strategic logistics management
  4. Tactical logistics management and supply chain integration
  5. Financial aspects of logistics and supply chain management
  6. Forecasting supply chain requirements
  7. Logistics customer service
  8. Production and operations management
  9. Procurement management
  10. Inventory management
  11. The design and storage of handling facilities
  12. Packaging the supply chain enabler
  13. Equipment used in facilities
  14. The operation of a warehouse
  15. The transport system
  16. Transport modal cost structures, competition and pricing principles
  17. Transport management
  18. International transport
  19. International logistics and trade
  20. Product returns and reverse logistics
  21. Controlling logistics performance

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