About the civil engineering hydraulics pdf book

This well established civil engineering hydraulics pdf text provides a succinct introduction to the theory of civil engineering hydraulics, together with a large number of worked examples and exercise problems with answers, to help readers assess their understanding of the theory and methods of analysis and design.

The civil engineering hydraulics pdf Fourth Edition features a new chapter on hydraulic structures and an expanded section on the gradient method for pipe networks design. Additional problems and worked examples have been added.

Civil Engineering Hydraulics will be invaluable throughout a student’s entire course, and will also be welcomed by practicing engineers as a concise reference.

A Solutions Manual is also available online exclusively to lecturers. Log on at: http://www.blackwellpublishing.com/nalluri/ to find out more.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Properties of Fluids.

Chapter 2. Fluid Static’s.

Chapter 3. Fluid Flow Concepts and Measurements.

Chapter 4. Flow of Incompressible Fluids in Pipelines.

Chapter 5. Pipe Network Analysis.

Chapter 6. Pump-pipeline System Analysis and Design.

Chapter 7. Boundary Layers on Flat Plates and in Ducts.

Chapter 8. Steady Flow in Open Channels.

Chapter 9. Dimensional Analysis, Similitude and Hydraulic Models.

Chapter 10. Ideal Fluid Flow and Curvilinear Flow.

Chapter 11. Gradually Varied Unsteady Flow from Reservoirs.

Chapter 12. Mass Oscillations and Pressure Transients in Pipelines.

Chapter 13. Unsteady Flow in Channels.

Chapter 14. Uniform Flow in Loose-boundary Channels.

Chapter 15. Hydraulic Structures.



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