Concepts of Physics provides the necessary information regarding physics, and all this amazing context and more is available for free on the Stuvera website with just the click of a button

About The Book Concepts of Physics Pdf

From the foreward of this 462 page textbook: “Dr. Verma’s book has been divided into two parts because of the size of the manuscript. It is a totally different attempt to teach physics, and it will be extremely useful to the undergraduate students. The exposition of each concept is extremely lucid. In carefully formatted chapters, besides problems and short questions, a number of objective questions have also been included. This book can certainly be extremely useful not only as a textbook, but also for preparation of various competitive examinations.” Y. R. Waghmare, Professor of Physics, IIT Kanpur

About The Author For Concepts of Physics Pdf

Harish Chandra Verma is an Indian experimental physicist and a professor emeritus of the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur since 1994. His field of research is nuclear physics. He has authored several school, undergraduate and graduate textbooks. His most popular being the two volume Concepts of Physics. 

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