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About Dhandho Investor Book PDF

A comprehensive value investing framework for the individual investor In a straightforward and accessible manner, The Dhandho Investor lays out the powerful framework of value investing. Written with the intelligent individual investor in mind, this comprehensive guide distills the Dhandho capital allocation framework of the business savvy Patels from India and presents how they can be applied successfully to the stock market. The Dhandho method expands on the groundbreaking principles of value investing expounded by Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, and Charlie Munger. Readers will be introduced to important value investing concepts such as “Heads, I win! Tails, I don’t lose that much!,” “Few Bets, Big Bets, Infrequent Bets,” Abhimanyu’s dilemma, and a detailed treatise on using the Kelly Formula to invest in undervalued stocks. Using a light, entertaining style, Pabrai lays out the Dhandho framework in an easy-to-use format. Any investor who adopts the framework is bound to improve on results and soundly beat the markets and most professionals.


Acknowledgements 1. Patel Motel Dhandho 2. Manilal Dhandho 3. Virgin Dhandho 4. TransTech Dhandho 5. Mittal Dhandho 6. The Dhandho Framework 7. Dhandho 101: Invest in Existing Businesses 8. Dhandho 102: Invest in Simple Businesses 9. Dhandho 201: Invest in Distressed Businesses in Distressed Industries 10. Dhandho 202: Invest in Businesses with Durable Moats 11. Dhandho 301: Few Bets, Big Bets, Infrequent Bets 12. Dhandho 302: Fixate on Arbitrage 13. Dhandho 401: Margin of Safety ? Always! 14. Dhandho 402: Invest in Low-Risk, High-Uncertainty Businesses 15. Dhandho 403: Invest in the Copy Cats Rather than the Innovators 16. Abhimanyu?s Dilemma ? The Art of Selling 17. To Index or Not to Index ? That Is the Question! 18. Fifty-Cent Dollars ? Hiding in Plain Sight! 19. Arjuna?s Focus: Investing Lessons from a Great Warrior

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