The Science Behind the HeartMath System (1993 to 2016) Explore intriguing aspects of the science of the heart, much of which is still relatively not well known outside the fields of psychophysiology and neurocardiology. Learn about research that bridges the science of the heart and the highly practical, evidence-based skill set known as the HeartMath System. This insightful and comprehensive monograph provides fundamental and detailed summaries of HeartMath Institute s many years of innovative research. It presents brief overviews of heart rate variability, resilience, coherence, heart-brain interactions, intuition and the scientific discoveries that shaped techniques developed to increase personal and social fulfillment and effectiveness. Included are summary reports of research conducted in the

business, education, health and first responder fields. Both the layperson and science professional will appreciate its simplicity and thoroughness. Table of Contents: Introduction Heart-brain Communication Resilience, Stress and Emotions HRV: An Indicator of Self-Regulatory Capacity,Autonomic Function and Health Coherence Establishing a New Baseline Self-Regulation Techniques that Reduce Stress and Enhance Human Performance Energetic Communication Intuition Research: Coherence and the Surprising Role of the Heart Health Outcome Studies Outcome Studies in Education Social Coherence: Outcome Studies in Organizations Global Coherence Research: Human-Earth Interconnectivity Bibliography Science of the Heart Volume 2: 110 pages Numerous diagrams, charts and graphs 4-color cover References List of assessment services offered



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