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I’m not an electrical engineer; I bought this book to get a better understanding of how electromagnetic equipment operates. The book is very approachable in that it does not utilize advanced mathematics (understanding basic algebra, trig, and some calculus is sufficient to understand most of the book). A reader with a good understanding of electricity (including impedance in AC circuits) and magnetism can learn quite a bit about motors, generators, and transformers from this book. Don’t know how a professional engineer/educator would rate this book. If your main goal is better understandng of these types of devices, I’d highly recommend this book in used form – new is very expensive.
About the book electric machinery and transformers guru solution manual pdf
Designed for junior- and senior-level courses in electromechanical energy conversion, Electric Machinery and Transformers, 3/e, continues the strong pedagogical tradition established by its successful previous editions. It begins with a review of the fundamentals of circuit theory and electromagnetics and then introduces the concept of electromechanical energy conversion. The text not only provides a systematic development of a model for each electric machine based upon established principles and basic laws, but also introduces students to applications and advanced topics. It also includes information on the construction of each electric machine.
Electric Machinery and Transformers, 3/e, enhances student learning of the basic operating principles of electric machines by using numerous supporting examples, review questions, illustrations, exercises, and chapter summaries. It encourages intuitive reasoning for problem-solving over the rote memorization of equations and procedures.
This third edition covers the following main topics: principles of electromechanical energy conversion; transformers; direct-current generators and motors; synchronous generators and motors; polyphase induction motors and single-phase motors; the dynamics of electric machines; and special-purpose machines.
About the Author
Huseyin R. Hiziroglu is at Kettering University, MI.

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