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I love this textbook. It is one of the best textbooks, if not the best, that I have ever owned, and does an excellent job of covering a very conceptually challenging subject. The writing style is clear and enjoyable to read. The chapters are well organized, so it is easy to find specific points, and there are frequent and helpful examples. This last point is especially important in an engineering textbook. With few exceptions, it covers every topic thoroughly, without skipping logical or mathematical steps. This book definitely contributed to how much I enjoyed my Thermodynamics course.

I have no complaints.
About the book engineering and chemical thermodynamics koretsky pdf
Koretsky helps students understand and visualize thermodynamics through a qualitative discussion of the role of molecular interactions and a highly visual presentation of the material. By showing how principles of thermodynamics relate to molecular concepts learned in prior courses, Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics, 2e helps students construct new knowledge on a solid conceptual foundation. Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics, 2e is designed for Thermodynamics I and Thermodynamics II courses taught out of the Chemical Engineering department to Chemical Engineering majors.
Specifically designed to accommodate students with different learning styles, this text helps establish a solid foundation in engineering and chemical thermodynamics. Clear conceptual development, worked-out examples and numerous end-of-chapter problems promote deep learning of thermodynamics and teach students how to apply thermodynamics to real-world engineering problems.

About the Author
Milo D. Koretsky received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley in 1991. He is currently of professor of Chemical Engineering at Oregon State University. His research interests in thin film materials processing, including plasma chemistry and physics, electrochemical processes and semiconductor yield prediction. His teaching interests include integration of microelectronic unit operations into the ChE curriculum and thermodynamics.

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