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ABOUT THE BOOK: English Grammar pdf free download

A major reference grammar offering the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of spoken and written English based on real everyday usage. A major reference grammar from the world’s leading grammar publisher. It offers clear explanations of spoken and written English based on real everyday usage. The clear two-part structure makes the book particularly user-friendly. The accompanying CD-ROM makes the Cambridge Grammar of English even more accessible with: The whole book in handy, searchable format. Audio recordings of all the examples from the book. Links to the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary online for instant definitions of new vocabulary. 

TABLE OF CONTENTS: English Grammar pdf free download

Introduction to the Cambridge Grammar of English 1–4
From word to grammar: an A–Z 5–81
Spoken language
Introduction to grammar and spoken English 82–91
From utterance to discourse 92–103
From discourse to social contexts 104–122
Grammar and discourse
Grammar across turns and sentences 123–139
Grammar and academic English 140–154
Word and phrase classes
Introduction to word classes and phrase classes 155–166
The noun phrase 167–175
Nouns and determiners 176–196
Pronouns 197–212
Verb phrase 1: structure of verb phrases 213–216
Verb phrase 2: tense and aspect 217–226
Types of verb 227–235
Adjectives and adverbs
Adjectives and adjective phrases 236–241
Adverbs and adverb phrases 242–249
Prepositions and particles
Prepositions and prepositional phrases 250–257
Word formation
Word structure and word formation 258–268
Sentence and clause patterns
Introduction to sentences and clauses 269–280
Verb complementation 281–289
Clause types 290–303
Clause combination 304–318
Adjuncts 319–337

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