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Best-selling ESSENTIALS OF STATISTICS FOR BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS, 7th Edition gives you a solid foundation in statistics for business and economics  with the author’s signature problem-scenario approach and clear writing style. Streamlined to focus on core topics, this introduction to business statistics 7th edition pdf book includes new case problems, methods, applications, and self-test exercises to help you master key formulas and apply statistical methods to inform your business decision-making from a quantitative perspective. This statistics pdf textbook is useful for economics and statistics students and experts that want to learn the essentials of statistics for business and economics,

Table of contents essentials of statistics for business and economics 7th edition eBook

1. Data and Statistics. 2. Descriptive Statistics: Tabular and Graphical Displays. 3. Descriptive Statistics: Numerical Measures. 4. Introduction to Probability. 5. Discrete Probability Distributions. 6. Continuous Probability Distributions. 7. Sampling and Sampling Distributions. 8. Interval Estimation. 9. Hypothesis Tests. 10. Comparisons Involving Means, Experimental Design, and Analysis of Variance. 11. Comparisons Involving Proportions and a Test of Independence. 12. Simple Linear Regression. 13. Multiple Regression. Appendix A. References and Bibliography. Appendix B. Tables. Appendix C. Summation Notation. Appendix D. Self-Test Solutions and Answers to Even-Numbered Exercises. Appendix E. Microsoft Excel 2013 and Tools for Statistical Analysis. Appendix F. Computing p-Values Using Minitab and Excel.

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