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ABOUT THE BOOK Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals And Applications 2nd Edition pdf Free Download

Fluid Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications” communicates directly with tomorrow’s engineers in a simple yet precise manner. The text covers the basic principles and equations of fluid mechanics in the context of numerous and diverse real-world engineering examples. The text helps students develop an intuitive understanding of fluid mechanics by emphasizing the physics, and by supplying attractive figures, numerous photographs and visual aids to reinforce the physics. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals And Applications 2nd Edition pdf Free Download

John M. Cimbala is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State). He received his B.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering (1979) from Penn State. Then he obtained his M.S. degree (1980) and his Ph.D. degree (1984) in Aeronautics from The California Institute of Technology (Caltech). In 1984, Dr. Cimbala returned to Penn State as Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. In 1990, he was promoted to Associate Professor and was granted tenure. In 1997, he was promoted to Professor.

During a sabbatical leave in 1993-94, Professor Cimbala worked at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA, where he advanced his knowledge of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and turbulence modeling. During a sabbatical leave in 2002-03, he co-authored an undergraduate textbook, “Fluid Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications”, Y. A. Çengel and J. M. Cimbala, McGraw-Hill, New York (2006), now in its fourth edition (2018); it is used throughout the world, and has been translated into several languages. Professor Cimbala is author or co-author of several other textbooks and dozens of journal and conference papers. While on sabbatical leave during the academic year 2010-11, he worked at American Hydro Corporation in York, PA, where he used CFD to model large hydroturbines.

Dr. Cimbala conducts experimental and computational research in basic fluid mechanics, turbulence, and turbomachinery. He teaches courses in fluid mechanics; indoor air quality; instrumentation, measurements, and statistics; and air pollution. He has been an educational innovator throughout his career, such as using and promoting others to use the Internet, tablet PCs, and cell phone feedback in undergraduate and graduate courses. Awards include: College of Engineering Outstanding Teaching Award (1992), College of Engineering Premier Teaching Award (1996), George W. Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching (1997), Teacher of the Year Award from Pi Tau Sigma (1997), and College of Engineering Outstanding Advising Award (1998). In 2009 he became a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

On the personal side, Dr. Cimbala is married with two adult sons and two grandchildren, and enjoys working out, swimming, pool (billiards), and family activities. He is an avid reader, and he especially enjoys studying, memorizing, and teaching the Bible. He has published two Biblical fiction novels, “I, Adam: The Man without a Navel.” (2015) and “I, Peter: My life in Threes” (2017). In 2019 he wrote a devotional book for Christian couples called Growing Old Together: A Serious Comical Devotional for Married Couples (2019). He ventured into illustrated children’s books with “Dalton Duck and the Big Sick: Helping Children Understand Social Distancing” (2020).

In 2019 John Cimbala created the Christian resource website Christian Faith Grower, where you can download FREE Bible studies/Sunday School lessons, articles, devotionals, comics, and more!

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