Foundations Of Geopolitics English Translation By Alexander Dugin Epub is a Russian textbook on geopolitics, it covers the basics of geopolitics as a science, its theory, history. Geopolitics is the art of creating strategies for survival and expansion of the state basing on political geographic features of the territory and its position in the international system. The book shows geopolitical doctrines and theories, written by great thinkers. Geopolitics has theoretical and practical value.

This is a book-essay of Alexander Dugin. The author discusses various aspects of geopolitics as it has been understood in Russia over the past century. Events from the Great French Revolution to the collapse of the Soviet Union are used by him as examples to illuminate his ideas.The book is not about geoparrcy until today, or about political elites or about how military power redraws borders in Africa.

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Dr. Dugin believes that the geopolitics is a science-based realistic study of international politics, based on the laws of history, political geography and other sciences. As a science, it determines bases and directions of the struggle among countries in their quest to attain geopolitical goals. The science of geopolitics is devoted exclusively to issues related to foreign policy and state security of Russia.

About The Book Foundations Of Geopolitics English Translation By Alexander Dugin Epub

ENGLISH TRANSLATION The book is a Russian textbook on geopolitics. It systematically and detailed the basics of geopolitics as a science, its theory, history. Covering a wide range of geopolitical schools and beliefs and actual problems. The first time a Russian geopolitical doctrine. An indispensable guide for all those who make decisions in the most important spheres of Russian political life – for politicians, entrepreneurs, economists, bankers, diplomats, analysts, political scientists, and so on. D. 

The Russian geopolitician Alexander Dugin (b.1962), in his book Foundations of Geopolitics explains that geopolitics as science came into being in the 18th century when it was discovered that international politics combines various disciplines: Geography, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, History and Language. It is a new political science that accommodates all major actors on the global arena: States and nations, political parties and movements, religions and cultures. This makes the book timely and important for those who want to understand what is happening in today’s world and develop thinking about this for a better future for everyone without any restrictions. The book gives an adequate response to many questions arising when people consider geopolitical processes: How has recent history shaped up? What are the main geopolitical processes currently unfolding in the world? Why are some countries rich while others are poor? Why do some countries have power and authority while others are powerless? Is Russia facing any danger foreign or domestic? What is geopolitics anyway? When will we be able to solve all the problems of humankind?

About The Author Of Foundations Of Geopolitics English Translation By Alexander Dugin Epub

Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin (Russian: Алекса́ндр Ге́льевич Ду́гин, born 7 January 1962) is a politologist, traditionalist, and one of the most popular ideologists of the creation of a Eurasian empire that would be against the North Atlantic interests. He is also well known for his proximity to fascism, he has had close ties to the Kremlin and Russian military. He was the leading organizer of National Bolshevik Party, National Bolshevik Front, and Eurasia Party. His political activities are directed toward restoration of the Russian Empire through partitioning of the former Soviet republics, such as Georgia and Ukraine, and unification with Russian-speaking territories, especially Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. He is known for the book Foundations of Geopolitics. 

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