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Perfectly good book for my University-Level Surveying class! It had a minor damage to a corner of the book from shipping, but it arrived perfectly fine aside from that! Also, it came with access to the digital version of the book that wasn’t used.

About The Book Gps For Land Surveyors Pdf Free Download

For more than a decade, GPS for Land Surveyors has been unique among other books on this topic due to its clear, straightforward treatment of the subject matter. Completely revised and updated, this fourth edition of a perennial bestseller maintains the user-friendly format that made previous editions so popular while addressing changes in hardware, software, and procedures. Neither simplistic nor overly technical, this book introduces the concepts needed to understand and use GPS and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).
See What’s New in the Fourth Edition:
• Up-to-date information on GNSS and GPS modernization
• Changes in hardware, software, and procedures
• Comprehensive treatment of novel signals on new blocks of satellites (L5 and L2C)
The book minimizes your reliance on mathematical explanations and maximizes use of illustrations and examples that allow you to visualize and grasp key concepts. The author explains the progression of ideas at the foundation of satellite positioning and delves into some of the particulars. He keeps presentation practical, providing a guide to techniques used in GPS, from their design through observation, processings, real-time kinematic (RTK), and real-time networks. These features and more make it easier for you to meet the challenge of keeping up in this field.

About The Author Gps For Land Surveyors, 4th Edition Pdf

Jan Van Sickle has more than fifty years of experience in GIS, GPS, surveying, mapping and imagery. He began working with GPS in the early 1980s when he supervised control work using the Macrometer, the first commercial GPS receiver. He created and led the GIS department at Qwest Communications for the company’s 25,000-mile worldwide fiber optic network. He also led the team that built the GIS for natural gas gathering in the Barnett Shale. He has led nationwide seminars based on his three books, GPS for Land Surveyors, Basic GIS Coordinates and Surveying Solved Problems. The latter book was serialized in the magazine POB. He led the team that collected, processed and reported control positions for more than 120 cities around the world for the ortho-rectification of satellite imagery now utilized in a global web utility. He managed the creation of the worldwide T&E sites for a major earth observation satellite which are used for frequent accuracy assessments. He created an imagery-based system of deriving road centerlines that meet the stringent Advanced Driver Assistance specifications and developed a method of forest inventory to help quantify that depleted resource in Armenia. He assisted the supervision of the first GPS survey of the Grand Canyon for the photogrammetric evaluation of sandbar erosion along the Colorado. He has done 3D mapping with terrestrial photogrammetry and LiDAR as well as Building Information Modeling. He was involved in the creation of a BIM of very prominent buildings in Washington DC. He was a member of the team of authors for the recently created Geospatial Technology Competency Model for the Department of Labor. He has recently conducted two days of training at the NAVCEN in Alexandria for the USCG. He has recently provided technical assistance in the reconstruction of the geodetic network of Nigeria. He has been a featured speaker at many conferences including MAPPS, GITA, the Institute of Navigation (ION) Annual Meeting and the ESRI UC where he delivered the keynote of the Imagery and Remote Sensing section. He is a Senior Lecturer at Penn State University. He was formerly on the board of RM-ASPRS and was the vice-chairman of GIS in the Rockies. Jan earned his Ph.D. in GIS engineering from the University of Colorado. He has been a licensed professional Land Surveyor for thirty-one years and is currently licensed in Colorado, California, Oregon, Texas and North Dakota.

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gps for land surveyors pdf free download
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