Graffiti Savannah Brown Epub

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About Graffiti Savannah Brown Epub

Savannah Brown’s first collection of poetry is a vulnerable account of adolescence from someone in the thick of it. Written between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, with examinations of anxiety, death, first loves, and first lusts, Graffiti extends a hand to those undergoing the trials and uncertainty of teenagehood, and assures them they’re not alone.

About the Author

Savannah Brown is an American poet and novelist born in 1996. A spoken word poem about self-acceptance catapulted her into the public eye at the age of 17. After, she moved to London, where she self-published her debut poetry collection Graffiti. Since then, her poetry has amassed more than ten million views online and has taken her worldwide to perform. Her first novel, The Truth About Keeping Secrets, was published in 2019 with Penguin Random House UK. She’s currently working on her second.

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