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About Health Insurance PDF Book

Understanding Health Insurance, Tenth Edition is fully updated to the latest code sets, guidelines, and claim forms to provide you with the most essential and up-to-date knowledge on billing and reimbursement. With Understanding Health Insurance, Tenth Edition, you will learn about managed health care, legal and regulatory issues, coding systems, reimbursement methods, coding for medical necessity, and common health insurance plans. Exercises in each chapter provide plenty of practice for learning how to bill and reimburse, and the accompanying workbook provides more application-based assignments for each chapter as well as additional case studies to reinforce your knowledge. The text includes free software that allows you to test your knowledge

Table of Contents for the Health Insurance Book PDF

Chapter 1: Risk Management
Chapter 2: The Concept of Insurance and its Evolution
Chapter 3: The Business of Insurance
Chapter 4: The Insurance Market
Chapter 5: Insurance Customers
Chapter 6: The Insurance Contract
Chapter 7: Insurance Terminology
Chapter 8: Life Assurance products
Chapter 9: General Insurance Products
Annexure 1: History of Insurance.
Annexure 2: History of Insurance in India.

Insurance Institute of India …3
(Revised Edition: 2016)
Chapter 1: Life Insurance Organization
Chapter 2: Premiums and Bonuses
Chapter 3: Plans of Life insurance
Chapter 4: Annuities
Chapter 5: Group Insurance
Chapter 6: Linked Life Insurance Policies
Chapter 7: Applications and Acceptance
Chapter 8: Policy Documents
Chapter 9: Premium payment, Life Insurance Corporation (L.I.C) of India policy
lapse and revival
Chapter 10: Assignment, Nomination and Surrender of policy
Chapter 11: Policy Claims

Insurance Institute of India …4
(Revised Edition: 2016)
Chapter 1: Introduction to General Insurance
Chapter 2: Policy Documents and forms
Chapter 3: General Insurance Products – Part 1 (Fire & Marine)
Chapter 4: General Insurance Products – Part 2 (Motor, Liability, Personal
Accident and Specialty Insurance
Chapter 5: General Insurance Products – Part 3 (Engineering & other Insurances)
Chapter 6: Underwriting
Chapter 7: Ratings & Premiums
Chapter 8: Claims
Chapter 9: Insurance Reserves & Accounting

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