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About the book Her Vol. 2 By Pierre Jeanty pdf free download

A continuation of the wildly successful best seller “Her”, Pierre Alex Jeanty brings explosive emotion to “Her 2”. This celebration of femininity and self-love also explores the woes of love. He offers warnings of the wrong types of attraction while encouraging healthy, fun, and devout relationships of the purest form. “Her 2” tugs at the heart strings using short sentiments and vivid, poetic imagery that echo through the chambers of the heart and mind. “Her 2” is sure to be a classic poetic masterpiece for years to come. 

About the author of Her Vol. 2 By Pierre Jeanty pdf free download

Pierre Alex Jeanty, Founder of Gentlemenhood™ and CEO of Jeanius Publishing, is a Haitian-American author, poet, and influencer, who is devoted to making an impact through his writing. He primarily focuses on poetically sharing his journey, lessons, and mistakes along the paths of manhood and love. Pierre vows to share his wisdom with all, in hopes of inspiring men to become better, and to be a voice of hope to women who have lost faith in good men. This is the vision of his brand, and the agenda he follows as a writer.

Pierre was born in Port-Aux-Prince, Haiti, where he resided until February 2000 when he moved to the United States of America in hopes of finding a better life. Pierre learned English by watching cartoons, and attending ESOL classes in middle school. After graduating from Immokalee High School, he attended Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. An academic suspension forced him to find a way to flourish using his interest in online networking, a choice which fostered the passion and development of his writing career.

Pierre currently resides in southwest Florida with his family and travels as a speaker as he continues to write.

Instagram: @pierrejeanty
Twitter: PierreAJeanty
Facebook: Pierre Alex Jeanty

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