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About High Level Investing for Dummies PDF Book

Enhance your investment portfolio and take your investments to the next level! Do you have an investment portfolio set up, but want to take your knowledge of investing a step further? “High-Level Investing For Dummies” is the resource you need to achieve a more advanced understanding of investment strategies–and to maximize your portfolio’s profits. Build upon your current knowledge of investment, particularly with regard to the stock market, in order to reach a higher level of understanding and ability when manipulating your assets on the market. This approachable resource pinpoints key pitfalls to avoid and explains how to time your investments in a way that maximizes your profits.

Investing can be intimidating–but it can also be fun! By building upon your basic understanding of investment strategies you can take your portfolio to the next level, both in terms of the diversity of your investments and the profits that they bring in. Who doesn’t want that? Up your investment game with proven strategies that help increase profits and minimize risks Avoid common pitfalls of stock speculating to make your investment strategy more impactful Understand how to time the market to maximize returns and improve your portfolio’s performance Uncover hidden opportunities in niche markets that can bring welcome diversity to your portfolio

“High-Level Investing For Dummies” is the perfect follow-up to “Stock Investing For Dummies,” and is a wonderful resource that guides you through the process of beefing up your portfolio and bringing home a higher level of profits! 

Table of Contents of High Level Investing for Dummies PDF

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with HighLevel Investing 5

Chapter 1: Taking Stock before You Invest at a Higher Level 7

Chapter 2: Assessing Risk and Volatility 15

Chapter 3: Surveying Diversification and Allocation Strategies 29

Chapter 4: Finding Value and Income 43

Chapter 5: Breaking Down Brokerage Tools and Tactics 61

Chapter 6: Intermarket Analysis 79

Part II: Choosing HighPotential Stocks and ExchangeTraded Funds 95

Chapter 7: Small‐Cap Stocks 97

Chapter 8: Shorting Stocks 111

Chapter 9: Exchange‐Traded Funds for Big Up Moves 125

Chapter 10: Exchange-Traded Funds for Big Down Moves 143

Part III: All about Options 153

Chapter 11: Introducing Options 155

Chapter 12: Call Options 175

Chapter 13: Put Options 183

Chapter 14: Bullish Combination Strategies 191

Chapter 15: Bearish Combination Strategies 201

Chapter 16: Neutral Combination Strategies 211

Part IV: Strategies from the Greats 223

Chapter 17: Legendary Investing Strategies 225

Chapter 18: High‐Octane Speculating 235

Chapter 19: Big Picture, Big Profits 245

Chapter 20: Corporate and Political Skullduggery 263

Chapter 21: Technical Analysis 273

Part V: The Part of Tens 295

Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Minimize Losses 297

Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Maximize Gains 305

Chapter 24: Ten Traits of Successful Investors 313

Part VI: Appendixes 321

Appendix A: Resources for Stock Investors 323

Appendix B: Financial Ratios 337

Index 351

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