Download one of the most profound international marketing pdf book, “International Marketing: Analysis and Strategy: 5th Edition” and gain a thorough understanding of how international marketing analysis and strategies can be applied to improve business sales and revenues.

About The International Marketing: Analysis and Strategy: 5th Edition Pdf  Book

Marketing is a universal activity that is widely applicable, regardless of the political, social or economic systems of a particular country. However, this doesn’t mean that consumers in different parts of the world should be satisfied in the same way.

The fifth edition of International Marketing pdf book has been written to enable managers and scholars to meet the international challenges they face every day. The international marketing pdf  book provides the solid foundation required to understand the complexities of marketing on a global scale.

Fully updated, this international marketing book includes topical case studies, examples of contemporary marketing campaigns, the most relevant discussion topics and up-to-date theories, references and research findings. It is this combination of theory and practice that makes this International Marketing: Analysis and Strategy: 5th Edition textbook truly unique, presenting a fully rounded view of the topic rather than solely an anecdotal or descriptive one.

Table of Contents For The International Marketing: Analysis and Strategy: 5th Edition

1. Nature of International Marketing: Challenges and Opportunities

2. Trade Theories and Economic Cooperation

3. Trade Distortions and Marketing Barriers

4. Political Environment

5. Legal Environment

6. Culture

7. Consumer Behavior in the International Context: Psychological and Social Dimensions

8. Marketing Research and Information System

9. Foreign Market Entry Strategies

10. Product Strategies: Basic Decisions and Product Planning

11. Product Strategies: Branding and Packaging Decisions 1

2. Channels of Distribution

13. Physical Distribution and Documentation

14. Promotion Strategies: Personal Selling, Publicity, and Sales Promotion

15. Promotion Strategies: Advertising

16. Pricing Strategies: Basic Decisions

17. Pricing Strategies: Countertrade and Terms of Sale/Payment

18. Financial Strategies: Financing and Currencies

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