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About The Book Interview Math Pdf

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Introduction to the First EditionInterview Math, 1st Edition provides 50+ practice problems and answers to help job seekers master quantitative interview questions including:

Market Sizing
Revenue Estimates
Customer Lifetime Value
If you’re targeting one of the highly coveted after positions below, you’ll need to master interview math questions:

Management Consulting: McKinsey, Bain, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte

General Management: Capital One, Taser

Marketing: General Mills, Google, Hershey

Software Engineering: Goldman Sachs, Microsoft

Finance: American Airlines, Best Buy, JetBlue
You’ll learn interview math concepts and principles — and then master those concepts with practice questions filled with detailed answers.

After going through the book, candidates will feel knowledgeable, confident, relaxed and ready to tackle consulting math questions. 

About The Author For Interview Math Pdf

LIN is an entrepreneur, tech executive, and public speaker. He’s the CEO of two companies, viaMaven and Impact Interview.

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