Download the introduction to law and the legal system 10th edition book and learn all the areas of law you need to know as a law student or an independent learner. Get the introduction to law and legal system 10th edition book and improve your knowledge on how the criminal and judicial system works. The introduction to law and the legal system schubert book explains college level law syllabus and all the topic covered in a first year law class.

About The Introduction to Law and the Legal System 10th Edition Pdf Book

This foundation of law book provides an overview of law and the American legal system, using cases to support the major functions of U.S. law. The beginners book for law students is ideal for a variety of departments and courses, this essential of legal principles and law textbook is known for its broad coverage, flexible organization, and use of cases to explain legal concepts.

Table of Contents for Introduction to Law and the Legal System 10th Edition pdf

I. Introduction.

II. Ethics and Law.

III. Institutional Sources of American Law.

IV. The Judicial System.

V. Civil Procedure.

VI. Limitations in Seeking Relief.

VII. Judicial Remedies.

VIII. Criminal Law and Procedure.

IX. Family Law.

X. Contracts.

XI. The Law of Torts.

XII. Property.

XIII. Administrative Law and Administrative Agencies.

XIV. Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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