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About The Book Introduction To Mentalism Pdf

Discover How To Manipulate The World Around You!
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You’re about to discover how to manipulate the mind. Simple approaches to communication that will revolutionize your everyday encounters. Gain an understanding of how human beings interpret conversation, body language and facial expressions, in order to gain the upper hand in any discussion, conversation or negotiation. This book will illuminate the powerful world of manipulation that is Mentalism.

Does manipulation sound like an evil word to you? Lets be honest; we live in a manipulative world. We manipulate people around us every single day in order to gain leverage or reach our goals. The fact is; if we are not the ones manipulating – we are the ones being manipulated.

This book is a great introduction for anyone interested in mentalism or manipulation in general. Reading this book will give you an understanding of communication that can be of great help in any encounter. The book will present you with 7 mentalism tricks that will give you an upper hand in any conversation. If you are looking to improve your negotiation or communication skills, this book is a MUST read for you!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…
Gain insight into the human mind Turn any conversation in the direction you want Plant ques and clues in a person’s mind Trigger sympathy, pity or anger in anyone Leverage a position of weakness to a position of power Lots of simply conversation tricks, that can easily be utilized Now features one bonus trick! Much, much more!

Take action today and learn how to gain the upper hand in any conversation, be it with friends, family, your boss, or in any random encounter. The knowledge provided in this book is guaranteed to help you manipulate the world around you!
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About The Author For Introduction To Mentalism Pdf

Hi, I am Thomas,

I am an entrepreneur, author and a student of the mind.
The mind is a powerful tool that has the power to drastically affect your well-being and even your physique. Learning to master the mind will make the world your playground – Your own mind as well as the mind of others.

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