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ABOUT THE BOOK: Islamic History pdf free download

This book presents for the first time a clear narrative analysis of the central events of the Islamic domains between the rise of the Abbasids and the Salijuq invasion. It was a period of intense political and economic activity as the Abbasids extended their empire and gradually lost control of it; these years also marked the rise and fall of the Fatimid regime in Egypt and the growth of other regional power groups. The study is based on original sources and Dr Shaban challenges many received opinions. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Islamic History pdf free download

1. The Islamic revolution in its environment
2. The emergence of Abu Bakr
3. Umar and the conquests
4. The breakdown of the Madinan regime
5. Mu'awiya and the second civil war
6. The age of Hajjaj
7. Moderate reform, radical reform and reaction: the reigns of Sulayman, 'Umar II and Yazid II
8. Hisham: survival of the empire
9. The collapse of the Marwanids
10. The end of an era

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