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About JB Gupta Electrical Engineering Book in PDF

An Integrated Course In Electrical Engineering By JB Gupta presents extensive course material on the subject of electrical engineering. The book has three sections, the first part includes electrical engineering concepts such as DC basics and networks, AC basics and networks, electromagnetic theory, DC machines, AC machines, electrical engineering materials, and electrical machine design. It also covers topics like switchgear and protection, electrical power generation, transmission and distribution of electric power, electrical installation and wiring, economic considerations, electrical energy utilization, and electric traction. The second section covers topics under electronics- like analog and digital electronics, industrial and power electronics, and electronic components and devices. The third section discusses measurements, instrumentation, and control. It focuses on concepts related to electronics and electrical measurements and instruments, control systems, and electrical and electronic instrumentation. The book ends with a set of model test papers for practice. This book was published in 2011 by S. K. Kataria & Sons. 

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