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Evelyn had just graduated from Britain’s top nanny school. It was exciting to get an offer from Mister Ransom in America, from Texas of all places! She was excited for new experiences, however, and when she arrived it was everything she’d imagined a big, western ranch would be! Everything went swimmingly – until she happened to open the door to an indoor swimming pool and saw Clarence there naked. Clarence was one of the servants, a simply enormous black man who didn’t speak. And who was, quite honestly, rather scary even before she’d seen his powerful body! But from then on she had… fantasies, dark, wild fantasies! And then one day Clarence caught her spying on him and decided to make even her most lurid fantasies pale by comparison. He was like a wild bull, a bull with a fetish for bondage! Sex with him was unbelievably wild and rough and scaldingly hot! But then they were discovered by Ransom’s estranged wife, who apparently had taught Clarence everything he knew about pleasing women. And about bondage. Evelyn found herself involved in a dark, thrilling, outrageous game of bondage and submission which soon involved Mister Ransom, as well! Instead of being the nanny she was soon training as a pony girl, and living a life of breathless wonder and outrageous passion.

About the Author

I started writing by accident, and before you know it I had a book, or almost all of a book. I competed it, cleaned it up, and sent it in, and while it was praised, it was rejected. The praise was enough for me to continue, however, and eventually get published by a ‘mainstream’ publisher. Along the way, however, I responded to an ad, and started writing books for a New York based publisher of adult material. He’d tell the the subjects, and sometimes even mail me drawings to write scenes by, and I’d send him back the finished product. I went on to write short stories for a variety of mens magazines, including Penthouse. When most U.S. publishers stopped printing new material I looked abroad and found a number of U.K publishers still in business. There tended to be a similarity of subjects they wanted, however. Mainly (almost entirely) bondage, BDSM, and S&M. I wrote books for and was published in print by Olympia, Chimera, Nexus, and Silver Moon and others.

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