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About The By Kajal Oza Vaidya Books pdf Free Download

Read I Love You by Kajal Oza Vaidya on Kindle. Look inside the book to learn more about it.All u read 8n this book u alredy know but kajal give u mirror to see how u r . Simple writing and simple language also give u thrust to read it.આ પુસ્ર્તક તમને ધીમે ધીમે એક નવી દુનિયામાં લઈ જઈ તમને તમારી ભૂલો સમજાવશે. તમે ક્યાં અને કઈ રીતે ખોટા હતા એ પણ તમારા મનને સમજાવશે, પરંતુ ત્યાંથી અટકી ન જતા.માત્ર ભૂલ સ્ર્વીકારી લેવાથી પરિસ્થિતિ બદલી શકાતી નથી.ગઈ કાલ સુધીની તમામ ભૂલોની બાદબાકી કરશો તો જ તમને એક આદર્શ સંબંધ મળશે. આમ આ પુસ્ર્તકની વિશેષતા બતાવવામાં આવી છે.

About The Author By Kajal Oza Vaidya Books pdf Free Download

Kaajal was born on 29 September 1966 in Mumbai, India. She graduated with a degree in English and Sanskrit from Gujarat University in 1986. She completed her post-graduate certificate in advertising management at Saint Xavier’s College in Mumbai.

She debuted in writing with a short story collection, Sambandh.. To Akash in 2005 was followed by a collection of poetry, Sheshyatra. Her popularity grew when her first novel Yog Viyog was serialized in Chitralekha weekly. She worked on plays during her earlier career. She teaches creative writing as a Visiting Faculty in the Master of Developmental Communication Department of Gujarat University.

She worked as a journalist with Sandesh, Gujarat Daily, Loksatta-Jansatta, The Indian Express, Abhiyan magazine and Samkalin, Sambhaav. She writes columns in Divya Bhaskar, Gujarat Mitra, Kutchmitra, Janmabhhomi Pravasi and Culcutta Halchal. She regularly gives speeches on different subjects across Gujarat and beyond. She hosts the radio show Kaajal@9 on 94.3 My FM Ahmedabad.

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