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About Kuby Immunology 5th Edition PDF Book

In this updated edition of Basic Immunology, the authors continue to deliver a clear, modern introduction to immunology, making this the obvious choice for today’s busy students. Their experience as teachers, course directors, and lecturers helps them to distill the core information required to understand this complex field. Through the use of high-quality illustrations, relevant clinical cases, and concise, focused text, it’s a perfectly accessible introduction to the workings of the human immune system, with an emphasis on clinical relevance.

Key Features

  • Concise, clinically focused content is logically organized by mechanism for efficient mastery of the material.
  • Features an appendix of clinical cases and CD molecules.
  • Includes numerous full-color illustrations, useful tables, and chapter outlines.
  • Focus questions within each chapter are ideal for self-assessment and review.
  • Key points bolded throughout the text make it easy to locate important information.

Table of Contents


Nomenclature, General Properties, and Components 2 INNATE IMMUNITY,   View less >

The Early Defense Against Infections 3 ANTIGEN CAPTURE AND PRESENTATION TO LYMPHOCYTES,   View less >


Structure of Lymphocyte Antigen Receptors and Development of Immune Repertoires 5 T CELL–MEDIATED IMMUNITY,   View less >

Activation of T Lymphocytes by Cell-Associated Antigens 6 EFFECTOR MECHANISMS OF T CELL–MEDIATED IMMUNITY,   View less >

Functions of T Cells in Host Defense 7 HUMORAL IMMUNE RESPONSES,   View less >

Activation of B Lymphocytes and Production of Antibodies 8 EFFECTOR MECHANISMS OF HUMORAL IMMUNITY,   View less >

Elimination of Extracellular Microbes and Toxins 9 IMMUNOLOGICAL TOLERANCE AND AUTOIMMUNITY,   View less >

Self-Nonself Discrimination in the Immune System and Its Failure 10 IMMUNE RESPONSES AGAINST TUMORS AND TRANSPLANTS,   View less >

Immunity to Noninfectious Transformed and Foreign Cells 11 HYPERSENSITIVITY,   View less >

Disorders Caused by Immune Responses 12 CONGENITAL AND ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCIES,   View less >

Diseases Caused by Defective Immunity SELECTED READINGS, APPENDIX I,   View less >

Glossary APPENDIX II,   View less >

Cytokines APPENDIX III,   View less >

Principal Features of Selected CD Molecules APPENDIX IV,   View less >

Clinical Cases INDEX,   View less >

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