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ABOUT THE BOOK Kulliyat E Momin pdf Free Download

The book “Kuliyaat e Momin” is a collection of poetry by Hakeem Momin Khan Momin. He was a poet of feelings and emotions. He has a good command of words and sentences. He described the human feelings and nature very well. The major part of his poem is consists of Ghazals. His poetry gave him an identity in the circle of Urdu spoken community. The poetry of Momin sung by the prominent singers of Pakistan and India.

The book Kuliyaat e Momin is a gift for poetry lovers. I hope you will like this poetry book. 

ABOUT THEAUTHOR Kulliyat E Momin pdf Free Download

Momin Khan Momin (1800–1851) (Urdu: مؤمن خان مؤمنؔ‎) was a Mughal era poet known for his Urdu ghazals. He was a contemporary of Mirza Ghalib and Zauq, and one of the celebrated classical poets of Urdu.

Momin Khan was born in Delhi into a Kashmiri family of Mughal administrators and physicians. He was also called “Hakeem Khan” because he was himself a physician, Hakeem being the Urdu word for physician. Other of his interests and where he was competent included mathematics, geomancy, astrology, chess or music.

Momin Khan Momin (1800-1851) has been regarded by twentieth century critics as the quintessential poet of the classical Ghazal. Momin had a very polished diction. In his love poems, he depicts the conventional abject adoration considered the correct form. Beyond this, his lyrics display rapture and the aspect of a dialogue which elevates his poetry. Quite apart from his love poetry, Momin took interest in the political upheavals of his time, saying in an often quoted verse that if nothing else, revolution offered hope. Momin’s poetry had great variety in forms, he composed Odes and Masnavis also but his Ghazals proved to be the most enduring. They are not only recited, they are sung. In this short but representative selection, a new generation of students and admirers will be able to access his poetry, sometimes described as the lynchpin of the Urdu Ghazal. 

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