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Lean manufacturing methodology provides a standard for operational excellence. Lean strategy enables you to change for the better, ensuring your processes are as streamlined as possible and costs are kept to a minimum, while quality and speed of production are maintained.

Lean Manufacturing Explained will consider how lean principles can be applied specifically in relation to the manufacturing industry. It is in manufacture that the lean methodology has its roots – with the central tenets first developed by automotive industry giants Toyota and Ford. Manufacture is also the arena of business in which lean methodologies are most widely incorporated and well established.

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Can Akdeniz is born to be creative. He is a best-selling author and regarded as one of the most inspiring business authors of our time. His books address an array of important topics from general topics like productivity to more specific topics like the value of being seen as a “cool boss.” In addition to running the acclaimed business blog, Can has released numerous books that have collectively changed the way people think about business and achieving success.

One of his first books, MBA 2.0 is an invaluable resource for practical business training. MBA 2.0 addresses recent business innovations in a way that many business schools do not, while also offering valuable insight into the future of business.

Another of Can’s early works, Cool Boss, explains how being a cool boss can be an asset to your company’s bottom line. It explains what bosses have been gamechangers and why their techniques have been so successful – so if you’re starting a business or moving into a leadership position, Cool Boss is a highly relevant primer. In a similar vein to Cool Boss, Happy Company discusses the traits of companies that are great places to work. Akdeniz shares 14 strategies for making your own company a happy company.

Another popular release by Can is The Art of Hacking, which discusses the history of innovation, from Da Vinci to Steve Jobs. Also popular on the topic of innovation is Go Nuts, which deals with creativity and innovation.

One of Can’s most recent releases is 9 Foundations for a Successful Career, which is a guide for reaching success at any stage of your career, whether you’re at the start of your business career or well into your career and simply looking to switch jobs or industries.

CEO School is a compilation of 125 incredibly valuable pieces of advice from 25 of the world’s top CEOs. Another of Can’s recent releases, the book has proven to be immensely popular already.

Productivity Masterclass is a popular and helpful guide toward increasing your productivity. Every minute spent reading this book will pay off ten-fold in the increased productivity you will gain.

Kill the Normal is about revolutionary designs. It is not, however, geared specifically toward product designers; instead, Kill the Normal is a celebrated guide to learning how to think in a revolutionary manner. Whether you’re reading for the historical overview of innovation design or to learn how to implement such innovative thinking in your own life, Kill the Normal has something for every reader.

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