The Encyclopedia of Operations Management: A Field Manual and Glossary of Operations Management Terms and Concepts
August 19, 2016
Make Millions from Your Business – “A Handbook for Entrepreneur”
August 20, 2016
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Make Millions from Your Business

About The Make Millions from Your Business Book

Document from the year 2011 in the subject Business economics – Company formation, Business Plans, grade: -, -, language: English, comment: Successful entrepreneurs become wealthy through their businesses. Over 80% of multi-millionaires made their millions from their business. This Make Millions from Your Business book provides insights into what it takes to manage a successful business. Dr. Tom McKaskill is a successful entrepreneur as well as a retired Professor of Entrepreneurship. , abstract: Your best chance of achieving wealth in the millions is to become part of an early stage entrepreneurial firm. While failure rates for early stage ventures are reasonably high, most fail because they lack the fundamentals of a good business. Most businesses fail because the business idea was never properly researched, the founder lacked any business training or they had inadequate funding to see their business through the early development stage. Avoiding the basic mistakes, ensuring you have some business education and learning from the mistakes of others, substantially increases the likelihood of success. In this book I have set out what I consider to be the 101 rules for survival, growth and profitability of a business. The make millions from your business book  comes from twenty years in a series of early stage ventures, a deep understanding of entrepreneurship based on my personal experience but also seven years as a Professor of Entrepreneurship and many years as a mentor and coach to a wide range of entrepreneurial ventures. Your best chance of joining the millionaires club is to be part of an entrepreneurial venture. Dr. Tom McKaskill: Global serial entrepreneur, educator, author and angel investor, Dr McKaskill is an authority on how entrepreneurs’ start, develop and harvest their ventures. He is the world’s expert on exit strategies for high growth enterprises. His experience includes multiple start-ups in the UK and USA, raising venture capital twice, undertaking two acquisitions and strategic trade sales of three businesses.

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