Make Millions from Your Business
August 20, 2016
Starting Your Career as a Musician
August 20, 2016
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Make Millions from Your Business – “A Handbook for Entrepreneur”

About The Make Millions from Your Business Book

The Management Cycle in any business process broadly includes:
• Planning, Initiation and Execution – PIE
• Financial Management
• Human Resource Management
• Marketing Management
• Customer Relationship Management
• Operations Management

There are scores of other branches of Management that need to be perused provided we learn to handle the above Management Cycle. This book explains Psychology and Management, which are analogous to each other. Psychology and Management are two very important aspects of life, in general and in business. Psychology plays a vital role in all aspects of management, be it at home or in business. This book will help two types of people; those who have problems in their business and those who don’t have any problem but can come across success.

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