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Never have I finished a book of almost 400 pages so quickly in my life, that’s the charm of a great Steve Alten book, they are well-written and formatted in a way that you can flip from page to page within a decent time frame. I went through 150 pages on the 1st day I started reading and I could not put the book down. Alten really outdoes himself on the stakes and scope of this story with it’s three interlocking plots with David Taylor trying to catch any surviving pups of Bella and Lizzy in the Salish Sea of British Columbia, Fiesel Bin Rashidi and Jackie Buchwald trying to capture the surviving Liopleurodon following it’s escape from the Tonga, and then Jonas Taylor having to deal with his wife Terry’s deteriorating health along with dealing with the myriad prehistoric creatures residing in the Panthalassa Sea, and in this book there’s quite a new addition to the series that’s teased in the prologue that I won’t spoil here, but holy crap does it make quite the impact in the end, hopefully we’ll see more of it in the next chapter Purgatory. This is just about as perfect as a marine thriller can be for me, with the Taylor family really having grown on me after following their adventures for the past twenty years, and I really felt a connection to both Jonas and David especially given the trying trials and tribulations father and son have to endure throughout the book. No characters felt like they were cliched or unnecessary to the plot as everyone has some role of importance to play in the overarching narrative, the Taylors especially felt like real people to me in this story, and that’s not something I see a lot of in similar stories. The overlay of science-fiction with real facts about the animals and environments once again helps the reader to be immersed in the world of the Meg series and gives it a real sense of familiarity. Overall Steve really knocks it out of the trench with the well-written characters, terrifying scenes of predators chomping on humans, the myriad different prehistoric species on display both in captivity and in the wild, the Megs starting to become actual characters in the story and not just roving eating machines like in previous books is something I especially enjoyed seeing in this, and lastly the final chapters down in the Panthalassa made me feel like I was on a hostile planet teeming with monsters out to get me. My only gripes with the book was not getting any cool scenes with the Livyatan whale Brutus from the last book, and the inexplicable fast recovery for Terry which was probably the least realistic thing about this book. In closing this book serves to remind me of why I fell in love with this series in the first place all those decades ago. This book receives a final rating of 5 out of 5 stars for excellence.

Meg Generations Epub Download

In MEG: Generations, Steve Alten New York Times bestselling author continues his terrifying series.

MEG: GENERATIONS opens where MEG: NIGHTSTALKERS left off. The Liopleurodon offspring has been moved to a holding tank aboard the Dubai-Land transport ship, Tonga for its journey to the Middle East. While the Crown Prince’s investors gawk at the creature, below deck in the tanker’s hold, another captured beast is awakened from its drug-induced state and goes on a rampage. The vessel sinks, the Lio escapes

About the Author

Steve Alten is the best-selling author of the MEG series – which was the basis for the feature film The Meg, starring Jason Statham – The Domain Trilogy, and standalone supernatural thrillers such as The Omega Project and Goliath. A native of Philadelphia, he earned a Bachelor’s degree from Penn State, a Masters from the University of Delaware, and a Doctorate from Temple University. He is the founder and director of Adopt-An-Author, a free nationwide teen reading program used in thousands of secondary school classrooms across the country to excite reluctant readers

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