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My heart. My poor heart. Where the hell did this story come from because I want more! Seriously. The Set Up was perfect in so many ways. This book seriously pulled at my heartstrings and I did not see it coming. And I freaking LOVED it! Lincoln and Indie may have just bumped Knox and Emory out of the spot as my top baseball couple in this series. They gave me ALL of the feels and broke my heart in the absolute best way. I was totally invested in their story from the get go.

This book is pure magic. Lincoln and Indie, I honestly adored them both. Lincoln has to be one of the best heroes Meghan has ever created, and I don’t say that lightly. He’s handsome, funny, smart, loyal, supportive, and quite honestly? He is 100% incredible and he is seriously the sweetest guy. And Indie, so complex, and I absolutely loved her. She’s sassy, passionate, she gave as good as she got and I love that she fought for what she wanted. She was fiercely independent, yet she truly has a heart of gold. Admittedly, I did get a little frustrated with her at times, but I could understand why she behaved the way she did. I think that was the beauty of her and the journey that she took to find herself, it really felt like I was on that journey right along beside her. The chemistry between the two of them was off the charts, the emotion that bled between them just poured from the pages and their connection was everything. It was so clear that they were meant to be together.

Meghan Quinn has once again taken a hero and heroine and made me fall completely in love with them. She took a friends to lovers romance and made it something utterly special. It wasn’t your average college romance. It is an epic love story that involved trust, loyalty, honesty, commitment and love. The only thing that threw me and saddened me slightly was the twist surrounding Indie towards the end, but I’m not letting that take away the sheer brilliance of this book.

I absolutely loved being back at Brentwood college. I have an endless love for these characters, sports, and school. I cannot get enough of it. Meghan Quinn has captured my heart and soul with this book and I sincerely hope Meghan will continue to give us hilarious new adult romances from this world. That said, with the fabulous new side characters that were introduced in this book, it seems very likely! There are definitely some characters from this book who’s stories need to be told. There’s absolutely nothing better than a book that makes you laugh, cry and leaves you thinking about the characters long after you have closed the book. The Setup was an absolute delight to read and is right up there as one of my top 2020 reads.

Meghan Quinn Epub

I’ve fallen victim to a heinous act.

An act so vile, so downright dirty, that I’m not sure as a twenty-year-old man I’ll ever recover. Brace yourself, because what I’m about to tell you might have you gasping in secondhand horror.

Ready? Here it goes . . .

I’ve recently become the pawn of a meddling mom.

Yes . . . A MEDDLING MOM–who’s been trying to set me up all summer.

Now, I understand it’s not a crime for a mother to want her child to fall in love, but when she makes it her relentless MISSION, the heinous act should be classified as a misdemeanor at least.

Of course, my mom, the evil matriarch in the devil’s leggings, made her final stab at finding a girl for me days before I went back to college.

And I hate to admit it, but she saved a doozy for last.

A titan in black skinny jeans.

A boss of nonchalance.

And a girl who would not only turn my life upside down, but do it while juggling a soccer ball, looking effortlessly gorgeous around campus, and is one hundred percent against relationships. Of any sort.

Thanks, Mom.

About the Author

Meghan Quinn is a USA Today bestselling author of romantic comedies and contemporary romance who brings the perfect combination of heart, humor, and heat to each of her books. For more information, visit her on Facebook, Goodreads, and her website:

Kelsey Navarro is an experienced narrator with a background in acting and singing. She has narrated everything from self-help to erotica and spends her free time reading voraciously and listening to podcasts and audiobooks. A Vegas native, she worked in management for over nine years and nerds out over personal development, superheroes, and really great food.

Connor Crais is a formally trained stage and television actor who has been narrating commercials, audiobooks, and explainers for well over a decade. When not narrating, he can be found writing, power-lifting, and boxing. He currently resides in Michigan with his wife, daughter, and rescue greyhound

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