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About the book national building code india pdf free download
Since the publication of first version of the National Building Code of India in 1970, a large number of comments and useful suggestions for modifications and additions to different Parts and Sections of the Code were received as a result of use of the Code by all concerned, and revision work of building byelaws of some states based on the Code. Based on these and in view of revision of existing Indian Standards and formulation of new Indian Standards in the field of building activity, the National Building Code of India, 1970 was first revised in 1983 and then in 2005. In between, some amendments were also issued to the Code. Due to large scale changes in the building construction activities, such as change in nature of occupancies with prevalence of high rises and mixed occupancies, greater dependence and complicated nature of building services, development of new/innovative construction materials adn technologies, greater need for preservation of environment and recognition of need for planned management of existing buildings and built environment, there has been a paradigm shift in building construction scenario. Apart from addressing all these aspects, it was required to reflect the changes incorporated in various standards which are considerably utilized in the Code. All these have led to this third revision of the National Building Code of India.

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