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“This is the most comprehensive pharmacy management book I have ever seen. It is suitable for all types of practice settings: community/retail, hospital, etc. It is nearly a one-stop single resource for one opening a new pharmacy or owning or managing an existing pharmacy. In essence, the Pharmacy Management book provides an understanding for the role of management in pharmacy practice. The Pharmacy Management book covers core topics as well as valuable peripheral topics and themes that will be of value to managers….It is superior to the Pharmacy Management book earlier edition and to other, currently available management books. It is a plus that nearly all examples and cases use pharmacy settings. 3 Stars.”—Doody’s Review Service

Covering everything from operations management and purchasing to Medicare Part D, this complete guide explains vital pharmacy management topics across all practice settings.

More than any other text, Pharmacy Management reflects the challenges facing today’s pharmacist. The book is filled with advice from the field’s top experts who take you through the principles applicable to all aspects of pharmacy practice, from managing money to handling personal stress. Long after you’ve taken your last pharmacy college exam, you’ll turn to Pharmacy Management for answers to make your pharmacy practice more professionally rewarding and personally enriching.


  • A scenario-based presentation combines practical solutions with evidence-based management theory and models, which are directly applied to cases and examples.
  • Learning objectives and Q&As appear in every chapter
  • NEW chapters on: Leadership, Medicare Part D, and Financial Reports
  • Important revisions to the chapters on Managing Technology and Information Systems and Reimbursement for Value-Added Pharmacy Services

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Table of Contents

I. Why Study Management in Pharmacy School?
1. Pharmaceutical Care as a Management Movement
2. Management Functions
II. Managing Operations
3. Strategic Planning in Pharmacy Operations
4. Business Planning for Pharmacy Programs
5. General Operations Management
6. Managing Technology and Pharmacy Information Systems
7. Ensuring Quality in Pharmacy Questions
III. Managing People
8. Organizational Structure and Behavior
9. Human Resources Management Functions
10. Performance Appraisal Systems
11. Customer Service
12. Contemporary Workplace Issues
13. Time Management/Organizational Skills
14. Leadership in Pharmacy
IV. Managing Money
15. Financial Reports
16. Third-Party Payer Considerations
17. Medicare Part D
18. Budgeting
19. Personal Finance
V. Managing Traditional Goods and Services
20. Marketing Theory
21. Marketing Applications
22. Purchasing and Inventory Management
23. Merchandising
VI. Managing Value-Added Services
24. Appraising the Need for Value-Added Services
25. Implementing Value-Added Pharmacy Services
26. Compensation for Value-Added Pharmacy Services
27. Evaluating the Outcomes of Value-Added Pharmacy Services VII. Managing Risks in Pharmacy Practice
28. Risk Management in Contemporary Pharmacy Practice
29. Compliance with Regulations and Regulatory Bodies
30. Preventing and Managing Medication Errors: The Pharmacist’s Role
VIII: Management Applications in Specific Pharmacy Practice Settings
31. Entrepreneurship
32. Applications in Independent Community Pharmacy
33. Applications in Chain Community Pharmacy
34. Applications in Hospital Pharmacy Practice Index

Shane P. Desselle, PhD, RPh, FaPhA,

Associate Dean for Tulsa Programs; Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmacy: Clinical & Administrative Sciences; College of Pharmacy, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Tulsa, OK

David P. Zgarrick, PhD, RPh,

Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmacy Practice, School of Pharmacy, Bouve College of Health Sciences, Northeastern University, Boston, MA

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