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What happened when Hitler invaded Denmark in April 1940? The chapters in War Games describe the events resulting from Adolf Hitler’s bid for world dominion and especially how they affected Denmark. These were times when it was of crucial value to know what the dictator was thinking. The result is a story that in its own fashion describes the dramatic course of events that played out partly within government services in the Danish capital Copenhagen, partly in the neighboring countries of Sweden and Norway, and in London and in the capital of the Third Reich, Berlin. In each of these locations, embassy officials of different nations, intelligence officers, and other characters with significant knowledge, traded and traced information relevant for the nations represented and the events that transpired in early April, 1940

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Francis X. McConville holds a BS degree in Chemistry and MS degrees in both Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He has worked in the chemical industry and related fields for more than 26 years, including 14 years as a process engineer at Sepracor, Inc. He has helped scale up chemical and biochemical processes in Asia, Europe and North America. He now operates a consulting business and lives with his family in Worcester, Massachusetts. He also dabbles in watercolor and plays bluegrass and jazz mandolin in several central New England acoustic bands.

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