If you want to learn all the principles and rules governing marketing in the business world, then this principles of marketing 17th edition eBook is all you need to read. Kotler and Armstrong principles of marketing 17th edition pdf download develops from its previous edition, and it approaches the study of marking strategies and tactics in a very holistic manner. In the principles of marketing 16th edition pdf free book, you will learn all the successful approaches you need to apply to launch a successful marketing campaign for any business organization irrespective of size or industry. So learn more about the content of principles of marketing 17th edition kotler and armstrong free pdf book and also get a free copy of the book below.

About The Principles of Marketing 17th Edition pdf eBook

Help readers learn how to create value through customer connections and engagement

In a fast-changing, increasingly digital and social marketplace, it—s more vital than ever for marketers to develop meaningful connections with their customers. Principles of Marketing helps readers master today—s key marketing challenge: to create vibrant, interactive communities of consumers who make products and brands an integral part of their daily lives. To help individuals understand how to create value and build customer relationships, Kotler and Armstrong present fundamental marketing information within an innovative customer-value framework.

Thoroughly revised to reflect the major trends impacting contemporary marketing, the 17th Edition is packed with stories illustrating how companies use new digital technologies to maximize customer engagement and shape brand conversations, experiences, and communities.

Table of Content of The principles of marketing 17th edition download

Principles of Marketing
Principles of Marketing
About the Authors
Brief Contents
The Seventeenth Edition of Kotler/Armstrong’s Principles of Marketing! Setting the World Standard in Marketing Education
Marketing: Creating Customer Value and Engagement in the Digital and Social Age
What’s New in the Seventeenth Edition?
Five Major Customer Value and Engagement Themes
An Emphasis on Real Marketing and Bringing Marketing to Life
Learning Aids That Create Value and Engagement
A Total Teaching and Learning Package
Principles of Marketing
Part 1: Defining Marketing and the Marketing Process (Chapters 1––2)
1 Marketing Creating Customer Value and Engagement
Chapter Preview
Objectives Outline
What Is Marketing?
Marketing Defined
The Marketing Process
Understanding the Marketplace and Customer Needs
Customer Needs, Wants, and Demands
Market Offerings—Products, Services, and Experiences
Customer Value and Satisfaction
Exchanges and Relationships
Designing a Customer Value–Driven Marketing Strategy and Plan
Customer Value–Driven Marketing Strategy
Selecting Customers to Serve
Choosing a Value Proposition
Marketing Management Orientations
The Production Concept
The Product Concept
The Selling Concept
The Marketing Concept
The Societal Marketing Concept
Preparing an Integrated Marketing Plan and Program
Managing Customer Relationships and Capturing Customer Value
Engaging Customers and Managing Customer Relationships
Customer Relationship Management
Relationship Building Blocks: Customer Value and Satisfaction
Customer Relationship Levels and Tools
Customer Engagement and Today’s Digital and Social Media
Consumer-Generated Marketing
Partner Relationship Management
Capturing Value from Customers
Creating Customer Loyalty and Retention
Growing Share of Customer
Building Customer Equity
What Is Customer Equity?
Building the Right Relationships with the Right Customers
The Changing Marketing Landscape
The Digital Age: Online, Mobile, and Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Mobile Marketing
The Changing Economic Environment
The Growth of Not-for-Profit Marketing
Rapid Globalization
Sustainable Marketing—The Call for More Environmental and Social Responsibility

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