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A major improvement from other public health books, the Third edition of the standard reference in the field of public health reflects the changing emphasis on public health in the face of increasing fiscal and political pressures to reduce government support for various community-based health programs. New to this essentials of public health pdf edition are sections on the worldwide impact of the HIV pandemic; on drug resistant strains of previously treatable disease, such as tuberculosis; and on new viruses, e.g. the Ebola and the Hanta viruses. Relying on contributions by eminent researchers from around the world, the editors have taken an international approach to their subject. They discuss problems faced by both developed and developing countries, and highlight the lessons that can be learned by both. In the tradition of the previous two editions of the essentials of public health pdf book, the editors portray the philosophy, methodology and underlying principles of public health.

The public health textbook is intended to be a comprehensive reference source for postgraduate students in the field, but it is also written to provide insights for those not primarily in public health. The public health textbook is intended to be a comprehensive textbook of this diverse field which will be included in the library of every major institution concerned with the field of public health and community-based, population-orientated medicine.
The first volume of the public health textbook deals  with the scope of public health, including its development, philosophy and charge. The second volume presents the science, methods, and disciplines currently used by public health to identify, measure, and resolve health problems. The third volume discusses the applications of public health science to the resolution of the major public health problems occurring in the nineties, and the public health functions critically required to achieve these objectives.

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